Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

I am really excited for 2015. Football playoffs will start this weekend. I really hope the Broncos don't blow it like they did last year. I always have hope that the Cubs will have a great season. I also plan to expand my collection. I did pretty well this last year but I really want to try to fill some of the holes this year. Here is my list of goals for 2015:

#1: Focus on filling holes in my Ryne Sandberg collection. I am going to focus on 1980-1995.

#2: I have three other player collections right now: Andre Dawson, Rick Sutcliffe, and Karl Mecklenburg(Denver Broncos). Since I focused almost solely on Ryno this last year I only added a couple of cards to each of these collections. I want to really flesh them out this year.

#3: Complete my Chicago Cubs team sets for 1980-1989.

#4: Organize my collection. Almost all of my cards are in boxes. I want to get some binders and pages to put my player collections and team sets in. It will be much easier to see what I have and I like the way it looks.

#5: Create spreadsheets of my collection.

#6: Post to the blog at least three times a week.

I wish all of you the best for the new year and happy collecting!


  1. Sounds like you have a great plan for 2015! I'd definitely recommend going the binder route. I have about 99 percent of my "keeper" cards in binders and it looks absolutely beautiful.

  2. I'm in the same process as well. Good luck with all your goals and Happy 2015!

  3. Awesome plan! Like the blog. Welcome!

  4. Welcome back to hobby and Go Cubs!