Thursday, January 22, 2015

Poster Goodness

Back in the 90's when I had a lot of empty wallspace, I always kept an eye out for awesome posters. I would buy all of the Cubs posters I could find. It was a little more difficult back then. There was no internet, no amazon, no plethora of web stores to buy what you wanted. Living in New Mexico and Colorado, there was not a lot Cubs merchandise available. Many times I would have to special order the posters from a store. I had a good variety of posters. Most of them had Ryno on them of course.

Eventually I moved out on my own, but some things were left at my parents since I did not have a lot space. My oldest sister took over my room and got rid most of my stuff. A lot of it I did not care about. Much to my horror, my posters were no more. I think I might have actually cried a little at the time. They were something that I looked at every day. My favorite team on the walls of my room. I doubt I will ever try to pick them up again unless I find a really good deal. I did manage to pick up these two poster promos on Ebay. Not quite as good as the real thing, but they are cool to have in my collection.

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