Monday, February 23, 2015

Boxes of Hawky Goodness

I enjoy the thrill of going through packages of cards not knowing what might be in there. It reminds me of the grab bags that I used to purchase at the card shops when I was younger. Would it be a bag of awesomeness or a bag of junk? All of my Hawk cards are from when he played for the Cubs. Since I have a lot of holes to fill, I decided to bid on a couple of lots.

The first lot I won had 200 cards. It is almost guaranteed that there will be duplicates. This lot was no exception:
  • 8 1985 Topps #420
  • 14 1986 Topps #760
  • 18 1987 Topps #345
  • 20 1984 Topps #200
  • 20 1984 Topps #392
I did need each of these cards but I couldn't stop laughing. 80 of the 200 so far. Most of the rest of the cards a duplicate or two. Since I stopped collecting around 93-94, I have not seen the vast majority of cards since then unless I have one of Ryne Sandberg. Here are some of my highlights from this lot:
I had not seen any cards of Dawson in a Marlins uniform. I like the looks of all three of these, especially the Upper Deck SP. I really like the use of the colors. I don't think they look as good when scanned, but in person they are really cool.
I am a sucker for Odd-balls and art cards. I like this card. Dawson always seem to be smiling which is one of the things I always liked about him. I feel like I hit the jackpot with this lot. I ended with 67 cards that I did not have and they cost me less than 8 cents each.

The second lot I won was 50 cards. I hit the motherlode with this one. I needed 47 of them and at least half were inserts.
I like these Topps Lineage cards. They have a clean look to them and large amount of photo space.
A Duracell batteries card. The Upper Deck card with a Final Tribute stamp looks great. I like to see these tribute cards of great players. I only wish it could have been as a Cub. The Collector's Choice with Silver Signature is a great addition.
Another art card. Upper Deck really did it well with the checklist cards back then. I like but don't like the Donruss Champions card. I have the same card of Ryno. I wish they would have put something on the right side if it isn't a relic card. It just looks like they forgot something. Another great lot that filled in a lot of holes.

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