Monday, February 2, 2015

Unknown Surprises

I have a lot of Ryne Sandberg cards. Well, I thought I did until I started putting together a new checklist. Since I am primarily focusing on filling the holes in my collection up through 1995, I had a pretty good idea of what was out there. I came across two items on Ebay that I had never seen before. Both of them are Barry Colla postcards. I have the 8-card postcard set and the Colla collection 12-card set and the all-star cards they put out. But these two I had never seen. I can't describe how excited I am picking these up.

The first, which can be seen above, is from 1992. It is bigger than the other postcards I have and has the red, white, and blue border. I thought the border was actually done by the seller for the picture until I had the card in my hands.
The second is pretty much the same size as the cards in the postcard set. It is from 1994 and also has the border and writing on it. Again, I thought the seller had done that for the picture in the auction. It looks pretty good. There are only two more Barry Colla cards that I am aware of that I am missing. Both of them are promos from 1992. I have never seen them, but they are listed at Beckett. The hunt continues...

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