Sunday, February 22, 2015

Wacky Stuff

While waiting for my wife and daughter, I decided to walk into a new store called Five Below. Everything in the store is five dollars or less. It has the usual junk that most of these stores have. I happened to come across and endcap that had some cards. It was all non-sport and mostly card games. I did happen to find a couple of packs of something that I am amazed they are still making:
I haven't seen Garbage Pail Kids since I was in middle school. We loved these back then. My friends and I had pages and pages filled with these things and we even went and saw the crappy movie. We would buy these guys with our lunch money. Who needed to eat? I knew I needed to buy a couple of packs and see what they are like now.
They are just not as funny as they used to be. Really they were all pretty stupid. I guess if I was 12 again I would probably love them. I will throw these in my binder of shtuff and hopefully one of these days I will come across my old Garbage Pail Kids.

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